For defense


       To organize the public defense of the dissertation, the applicant addresses the scientific secretary of the relevant research speciality. When submitting the application, the applicant must include the conclusion of the scientific organization that approved the topic of the dissertation.

       1. To hold the defense, the applicant submits to the scientific secretary of the specialized academic council:

  • an application for acceptance of the dissertation for defense, Բեռնել
  • 3 printed and electronic copies of the dissertation,
  • documents required for preliminary expertise of the dissertation (Appendix 1). Բեռնել

       The completed application file and the electronic version of the dissertation (Word 2003-2007) are sent to the scientific secretary of the specialized academic council for consideration at the office e-mail (see specialized academic councils).

       2. The scientific secretary reviews the integrity of documents and within 3 business days forwards the dissertation and application to the Supreme Certifying Committee at Բեռնել

       3. Having received the approval of the Supreme Certifying Committee, the scientific secretary hands over a copy of the dissertation to each of the three experts of the assessment committee. They must get acquainted with the dissertation and submit to the council their preliminary assessment which must contain a brief summary and a reasoned, critical evaluation of the research quality of the dissertation and its compliance with the council profile within 15 days of the submission of the dissertation. Բեռնել

        4. Based on the reports and conclusion of the assessment committee a decision is made on the acceptance of the dissertation for defense. Բեռնել

       5. Having received a positive expertise, the dissertation is accepted for defense in the specialized academic councilԲեռնել, or on the basis of the application submitted by the applicantԲեռնել, a new composition of the specialized academic council is set up.Բեռնել

      6. The specialized academic council appoints official opponents, the leading organization, date of defense, and grants permission to print the dissertation abstract.

        7. The applicant must send the abstracts at least 40 days before the date of defense and submit 1 copy of the dissertation and 2 copies of the abstract to the library of the organization, where the specialized academic coincil is based.


       Applicants who wish to include their dissertation in the for public use must submit the attached agreement to the Supreme Certifying Committee.   Բեռնել համաձայնագիրը